Foodetective announces its licensing program & new key features at CES Las Vegas.

2 min readJan 12, 2022

Foodetective supports the restaurant & retail industry through its unique technology, enabling businesses to seamlessly manage their entire tech stack, systems and operations from a single interface, now also intelligent.

CES, Las Vegas, USA — January 12th, 2022 Foodetective announced a new suite of features including “Intelligence“ to support businesses in their digital transformation & daily operations, as well as its global licensing of its technology to big corporations to roll out its product at scale.

“Our goal is to become the global tech infrastructure (APIs) & intelligence of the restaurant & retail industry. Providing our partners with a suite of features & integrations that support businesses & merchants in their online operations.” — said Andrea Tassistro, Founder & CEO.

Among the announced features, the team exhibited a brand new Integration Hub which seamlessly helps merchants discover, integrate and manage any systems across 20+ verticals (POS, Delivery, Payments, HR, Stock, Social Media & more) from a single platform. Each integrated app feeds multiple reports into visual data, allowing businesses to review, in real-time, significant amounts of information within their Dashboard. As a result of data no longer being fragmented across systems Foodetective is releasing one of the most requested features, “Intelligence“, which aims to provide businesses with intelligent notifications & actions to maximise online revenues & channels.

“With Intelligence we aim at becoming the online smart manager of every business we serve. Automating as many admin tasks as possible to reduce time & costs and maximize revenues and margins by setting up their online channels for success. Businesses who use our Intelligence feature will surely have a significant advantage over their competition.” — said Andrea Tassistro, Founder & CEO.

Foodetective’s platform hosts 20,000+ businesses (Restaurants, bars, ghost kitchens, kiosks and F&B companies) across Europe. Soon available in the United States through strategic partnerships & distributors.


About Foodetective

Foodetective is an all-in-one restaurant management tool designed for F&B businesses. It enables any restaurant to integrate and aggregate apps into a single interface, offering each client a tailor-made dashboard based on their tech stack and needs. For more information, visit our new website.

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