Foodetective for Business 🤝 Orkestro

3 min readApr 22, 2021


We’re very happy to join forces with Orkestro to support the lives of all restaurant owners, managers and those working in the restaurant industry. By partnering with Orketro, we’re providing the opportunity for restaurants to have seamless accessibility to logistical capabilities for their own delivery in just a few clicks.

About Orkestro

Orkestro is creating and building a network that facilitates last-mile delivery. Layer by layer, they’re developing up the infrastructure that brings automation to the delivery market, from validating transactions to optimising performances and delivering a seamless customer experience.

About Foodetective for Business

Foodetective for Business is B2B SaaS Enabled-marketplace with a unified infrastructure for the RestaurantTech Industry, using a universal API. We’re working to build one of the most innovative SaaS platforms that centralises restaurant’s tech stacks using this unified API.

An Integrated Partnership

The purpose of this integration is clear; simplify and lower the barrier to entry for restaurants to setup, manage and capitalise from their very own delivery function. This need was brought to the forefront of restaurants minds at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and we recognised this need from restaurants. You don’t need to have your own delivery drivers, Orkestro’s dedicated network of fleets can do the last mile delivery for you.

So how does it work? Once an order is placed on your profile the order will be sent to your restaurant and you can Accept or Reject the order. Once and if Accepted, the order will be sent to Orkestro who will be triggered to allocate the pickup and delivery of the food from your restaurant and fulfil the order to your customer.

Available Features & Tools

Own Delivery, available for when you need it most

Once registered, you will be able to manage all your orders via the platform, accepting, rejecting and running your orders. Via the Orkestro integration, each restaurant will have a 8km delivery radius from its location, enabling quick and fast delivery time.

Menu Digitalisation

Via our platform, you can digitalise your menu and have instantaneous connection to your own orders and delivery page. As a result, you can immediately change, amend or improve your menu and across many other channels.

Instant Actions for Restaurants to Get Started

  1. Create your Foodetective Profile online
    Enter all your business contact information. Publish your profile and connect your bank account via Stripe.
    🎬 Watch video here
  2. Add Menus & Pictures to create your own Online Menu
    By doing so, your clients will be able to order & pick-up from your online Orders page.
  3. Display outstanding images of dishes and meals
    The images of your dishes are what make consumers want to order online!
    (If you don’t have a photographer we have partnered with leading photography services. Simply answer a few questions on your created profile and we can direct you to one of our trusted partners).
  4. Click & Connect with Orkestro
    This is the crucial point, access the Integrations Hub on the Foodetective platform, scroll down to Logistics, locate Orkestro and simply click “Connect”. After this, revert back to the Delivery & Take-Away section and activate Orkestro and you’re ready to go.

It’s your turn now!

The Foodetective team are of course always at your disposal if you have any questions or need help in this process.




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