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Centralized order management and how Foodetective can make restaurants’ lives much, much easier

Say you are on a busy lunch shift and receive 6 take out orders and 5 deliveries that you have to frantically run through the kitchen, manually transfer on the system while also having to verbally alert the waiters “they are not to be served, they’re takeaways!”

Does it ring any bells?

Ordering food online has become immensely more popular and more than a daily occurence. Analytics report that 59% of restaurant orders from millennials are takeout or delivery and that 63% of consumers agree that it is more convenient to get delivery than dining out with a family or a group. In fact, more and more restaurants, especially after Covid-19, have happily ventured into the online world of delivery with great success:

“60% of restaurant owners have witnessed more sales and increased revenue after offering online delivery services.”

Considering how popular, accessible and widespread restaurant delivery is, customers have high expectations on speed, quality and satisfaction when it comes to ordering online. They want to order whatever they like, whenever and wherever they like from a platform that is easy, fast and intuitive to use. If the ordering process is slow you are very likely to lose more than one customer and notice a dive on sales.

Understanding this tech shift in the eating out business is therefore vital for a restaurant to stay afloat and there is an urgency to innovate and use the digital tools out there to make the ordering experience as efficient and as smooth as possible.

Well, you are in luck, because today’s topic talks about exactly this: a way to make an effortless ordering experience possible.


So imagine you could control, manage and integrate all of your existing tools for ordering online into one single platform. You don’t really need to imagine it any longer, because that is what centralized order management is for.

A centralized OMS (order management system) is a one solution to all the different apps and channels that a restaurant has to manage on a daily basis: it is a platform that tracks sales, orders, inventory as well as monitoring data.

From the dashboard you receive a live stream of news updating you on the process: how many new orders ( from all the different platforms), how many are in preparation, how many ready, completed, paid for and so on. The software basically simplifies and automates your online orders, the whole ordering process and management, allowing you to work smarter not harder!

But let us dive with more depth into the benefits of centralized OMS, so the awesomeness becomes clearer.

1. You save time, money and labor

Firstly, as our subtitle tells us, OMS can save you time, money and labor. By simplifying the operations and automating the processes you save time both on the floor and in the kitchen, improving your delivery. For example, when you receive an online order you do not have to manually insert it on your in house system, the OMS does it for you. Further, you need less staff to manage online orders, cutting down on extra costs and freeing up time for you to focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

2. You can integrate and customize

You can integrate all the apps for delivery: Ubereats, Glovo, Deliveroo, Justeat, Foodpanda, so on and so forth, into a single platform. By aggregating all your orders from food ordering platforms, you get rid of all the tablets and all the different apps. You can customize your system by easily adding as many or as few platforms as you use or you could even create your own delivery system thanks to our logistics partners.

An all in one that perfectly fits you.

3. Less mistakes

Automatisation not only saves you time and money but also reduces the risk of human error, across things like invoicing, order data, payments etc. making the delivery of your product efficient and bullet proof.

4. It’s easier

OMS simplifies your order management by integrating it with the different systems and tech tools. Payments, orders, sales channels etc. all in the same platform: you get an immediate overview of it and can control it all with just a glance.In this way the entire online process becomes easier for everyone.

5. Immediate accessibility

It is always accessible 24/7 from anywhere you are. Constant access to real time data and information gives the business a better insight into their current state and also the ability to react faster to any issue. This ensures protection against order errors, malfunctions, missing items or lost revenue that is often due to common glitches and human errors making, once again, the handling of the online side of your business a piece of cake.

6. Data analysis done for you automatically

OMS allows you to collect and analyze data in order to leverage business intelligence and improve order accuracy and service. This allows for target promotions, discounts and offers that meet the demand of your clients. With analytics you can also forecast trends: comparing your past data with your current numbers and see where you are heading, eventually creating strategies to grow your business. Lastly, you get an analysis of the average price for your product on the market so that it is never too cheap or expensive and you maximize the revenue.

7. The service you offer improves

Better delivery times, no mistakes, faster response, easy process and analyzed sales makes the whole process more efficient and ultimately your service a top notch experience.

8. Everyone is happier and everything is more efficient

Better service means more satisfied customers and happy customers mean better reviews. Better reviews mean better placement on platforms which ultimately means more revenue!
A clear win-win situation where you, the client, the deliverer, system and everyone, really, are happier and successful!

In conclusion, Centralised OMS will save you time, money and labor by making online processes more efficient and easier to use, ultimately leading into a greater food and customer experience, into happier customers, happier restaurateurs and business owners and therefore culminating into a truly successful restaurant. .

We have good news for you, all that we talked about above you can find successfully united in the Foodetective dashboard. Foodetective for business allows you to seamlessly connect all the services and the existing tools you need, into a customized single platform that can be easily managed. Instead of dealing with phones ringing off the hook, hundreds of tech and apps, centralized systems like Foodetective can give you a lot of freedom.

So if you’re tired of complications and you want to go from this:

To that..

Let foodetective make your life easier.




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