The Tech Stack Reimagined

4 min readFeb 9, 2021


The restaurant industry, as a whole, is perceived as not being the most tech-savvy group out there. With many thinking that the “pen and paper” still dominate small shops and family owned businesses, we often have preconceptions that those working in this industry are not the most forward thinking in terms of tech. This however, could not be further from the truth and we’ve seen an acceleration in adoption across the last 12 months in tech from restaurants.

We’re exploring these topics at more length and showcasing what these tech solutions are and how they can help restaurant businesses.

1. Modern-day Digital Solutions

In 2021, we have a world of tech solutions covering all functionalities of a restaurant, from back-of-house operations, inventory management, smart reservation platforms, marketing and CRM software, analytics, delivery systems and many more.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way restaurants operate and in turn, has accelerated the adoption of new these digital and tech solutions. This adoption has led to a need for organizational change in businesses, to be able to support the critical implementation of these solutions.

The critical turning point many restaurants are now facing is the underpinning management function to coordinate and centralise these solutions. The unifying integration tool that can bring all of these solutions onto one screen. There is one such solution… Foodetective. Offering an ecosystem of solutions that can be selected by restaurants for integration. There is plenty we’re able to do.

2. How Centralised Tech Stacks are Fundamental in your Business

As Subha Rajagopalan (VP — IT Innovation) at P.F. Chang’s said during an FSTEC Community Session, “what is it that you consider a pillar of your business, and then build your system around it.” Let’s break this down, translate how this is important to us and it related to centralised tech stacks for restaurants.

Each restaurant employs a variety of different business models that utilises one or a couple of tech solutions; traditional delivery & takeaway model, click & collect model, reservations & bookings etc or a combination thereof. There are dozens and dozens of varying types of business models that restaurants operate in and in turn, this requires a tech solution and system to operationalise the function. However, to date many of these solutions are operating in a decentralised manner, leading to a fragmented and chaotic practice for restaurants.

For instance, many restaurants employ multiple solutions to take orders from different delivery platforms. Enabling greater efficiency and seamless connectivity between front-of-house and back-of-house systems, a restaurant can simplify their tasks and maximise output. Foodetective’s platform provides a dedicated Dashboard, pulling all forms of data from the restaurants tech stack to create greater efficiencies in operations.

3. “Click & Connect” Integrations

A “one-stop-shop” for restaurants to explore partners that solve their pain points and to have this in one-click is exactly what is possible with Foodetective. Our unified API enables the connection and integration with numerous partners and can be accessed from a single viewpoint. This has already helped a number of restaurants in making their businesses more efficient and being able to maximise/leverage off information previously unknown to them. We’ve highlighted these key benefits for restaurants below;

· Agility

Rather than manually pulling data from multiple disconnected dashboards, defer to one dashboard on Foodetective to remain agile in your decision making and easy access to critical business intelligence.

· Unified Data

Avoid fragmented silos of data that seem impossible to manage. Foodetective offers you the chance to use your data to understand who your customers and partners are. Use this insight to guide your strategic marketing and therefore make operational decisions easier.

· Wasted Time

You only need your Foodetective account to create, duplicate and edit your business in just one single platform and get the best out of it without having to manage different dashboards.

4. Increase Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

Every restaurant is different. Successful restaurants are able to adapt quickly and innovate along with technology. Don’t let your business get stuck in a rut, but rather develop a customized technology system for your restaurant or tap into an already existing system, such as Foodetective, that can help your business grow.

Opt for a personalised tech stack tailor-made on the needs of your restaurant, creating a new digital solution with all your services and integrations stored on one central system, ready to be used and to be taken fully advantage of. Increase efficiency, drive customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line with a customizable restaurant tech stack to be proud of.




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